Listen to Jacob Banks’ ‘Monster’ feat. Avelino from Power Book II: Ghost, Season 1, Ep. 1

Jacob Banks’ ‘Monster‘ feat. Avelino was featured on the new crime drama series Power Book II: Ghost this week — Power Book II: Ghost, Season 1, Episode 1, “The Stranger”.

The track was played as Tasha is in jail, and as Cane is shooting and killing the guy he got into an argument with at the previous night’s party.

Banks’ ‘Monster‘ is from the Nigerian-English singer’s sophomore EP The Paradox.which was released in July, 2015 on the Full + Bless, Renowned labels.

Monster‘, with its superb hand claps and catchy group chants, has been featured on other hit TV series since its release including on Quantico and Hand of God.

The song itself talks about how society often makes black men monsters because, even though they just want to live their lives like everyone else, society labels them ‘drug dealer’, ‘gang member’, ‘murdered’ and so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for many.

They made a monster out of me
They put a sword in my back
They gave me to the count of three
They set the hounds on my tracks
They made a demon out of me
Then, they put a cross through my flesh
They put a search out for me
‘Cause I got some blood on my hands

But they won’t see me when I’m comin’
I’ll be laughin’ while you’re runnin’, oh
Oh, you won’t see me when I’m comin’
I’ll be that monster you’ve been wantin’, oh no

Listen to Jacob Banks’ ‘Monster‘ feat rapper Avelino from Power Book II: Ghost in the track’s official music video below, along with on his EP The Paradox in the player below that.

You can watch Power Book II: Ghost, the spin-off to Power on Starz.



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