Listen to Joy Oladokun’s ‘Sweet Symphony’ from Grey’s Anatomy S19 E18 and enjoy those gorgeous harmonies

American indie folk pop singer songwriter Joy Oladokun’s music was back on Grey’s Anatomy this week, with Oladokun’s ‘Sweet Symphony‘ playing on the hospital drama as it barrels towards the end of its current season.

That track played on Grey’s Anatomy, Season 19, Episode 18, “Ready to Run” as Link goes into the patient’s room to see Jo already there.

Link becomes uncomfortable as it is obvious the two have been flirting.

The song was also played as Adams confesses to Simone, and asks her not to get married.

When was Joy Oladokun’s ‘Sweet Symphony‘ first released?

Joy Oladokun’s ‘Sweet Symphony‘ featuring Chris Stapleton is the second single from the indie singer’s fourth studio album Proof of Life,

That album, which is her latest, came out last month on the Amigo Records, Verve Forecast Records, and Republic Records labels.

Sweet Symphony‘ was released before the album and, while the single was not a big success for the indie singer, it did go on to chart at #25 on the Billboard Rock Digital Song Sales chart in the U.S.

Oladokun’s album Proof of Life, however, was much more successful.

The 13-track album, which features appearances by people like indie rock bands Mt. Joy and Manchester Orchestra, Nigerian-American rapper Maxo Kream, folk pop singer Noah Kahan and the aforementioned Chris Stapleton, ranked high up three separate charts in the United States.

Listen to Joy Oladokun’s ‘Sweet Symphony‘ as heard on Grey’s Anatomy, Season 19 this week on the Spotify widget, as well as on the song’s music video.

The video has the gorgeous song being performed by Oladokun and Stapleton as Muppet-style puppets, and can I just say awwww that’s sweet and, hell, their harmonies together are beautiful.

The latest season of Grey’s Anatomy is airing on ABC, and is just one episode away from its season finale.

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