Listen to Lonette’s ‘Stop! Don’t Worry About It’ from The Craft: Legacy — a cool classic

An old classic showed up on the new film The Craft: Legacy this week — Lonette’s ‘Stop! Don’t Worry About It‘, which was the song playing as Helen and Lily are dancing in the kitchen.

The R&B/pop track was first heard on the singer’s sophomore studio album Words and Music, which was released in 1978 via Warner Bros. Records.

Sadly, however, it was one of only three albums Lonette released, as her acting and directing career was always much more successful for her than her music career.

A bit of a tragedy when you listen to the high caliber music she produced, and how good both her vocal ability and songwriting skills actually were.

A tragedy that is also shown when you search for Lonette’s music on Spotify, as the only tracks that appear are on compilation albums that also feature other artists. (article continues below…)

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Lonette herself, aka Lonette McKee, went on to have an extremely successful career as an actress, director and producer, however, appearing in such notable films as The Cotton Club, Francis Ford Coppola’s Gardens of Stone, Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever, He Got Game and Malcolm X, as well as TV series like L.A. Law and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

As for the supernatural horror film The Craft: Legacy, it is the sequel to the 1996 film The Craft, a movie that was a surprise success when it was released and one that has become a cult classic for millions of horror fans in the years since its release .

It was also a film that, just like its sequel, featured superb music on its soundtrack.

As far as the just-released sequel’s music goes then, do listen to Lonette’s ‘Stop! Don’t Worry About It’ as played on The Craft: Legacy, as it really is an incredibly cool track.


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