Listen to LP’s ‘Muddy Waters’ from ‘Orange Is The New Black’ — A Fabulous Funeral Dirge

orange is the new black

The LP song ‘Muddy Waters‘ was featured on the new season of Orange Is The New Black — (Season 4, Episode 13 – “Toast Can’t Never Be Bread Again“) during the last scene of the last episode of the season.

And it is the perfect song for the ending of this particular season of the hit show, ending as it did on a cliffhanger, with Daya holding COs Humphrey and McCullough at gunpoint, and the women screaming at her to shoot him.

Because LP’s ‘Muddy Waters‘ has a fabulous classic African American funeral dirge running underneath, lamenting the tragedy of loss.

In this case, the death of Poussey, and the tragedy of the women almost being forced into the position they are now in simply because of how badly prison authorities chose to handle it.

Listen to LP’s ‘Muddy Waters‘ in the video below and reflect on that final scene in Orange Is The New Black‘s fourth season. What do you think Daya will do?

And, of course, buy LP’s ‘Muddy Waters’¬†on digital download from one of the major music platforms.

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