Listen to Mahalia Jackson’s ‘Trouble of the World’ from The Good Lord Bird, Season 1, Episode 6, “Jesus is Walkin'”

Another Mahalia Jackson classic appeared on the latest episode of the Showtime series The Good Lord Bird last night — The Good Lord Bird, Season 1, Episode 6, “Jesus is Walkin‘” (aired on 8th November, 2020). This time it was Mahalia Jackson’s ‘Trouble of the World‘.

The song was played at the end of the episode as the prisoner’s exchange goes wrong, as she pulls away from Jason and Cook leaving them exposed to gunfire. The song plays as they are seeking rescue.

Of course, it was a perfect choice for that scene with lyrics like:

Soon I will be done
With the troubles of the worlTroubles of the world
Troubles of the world
Soon I will be done
Troubles of the world
I’m going home to live with God

American gospel singer Mahalia Jackson’s ‘Trouble of the World‘ is originally from the 1958 movie St. Louis Blues. A film about the life of ‘Father of the Blues’ composer and musician W.C. Handy, and one of a slew of songs heard on it.

Jackson herself played the role of Bessie May in the film. (article continues below…)

Listen to Mahalia Jackson’s ‘Come On Children, Let’s Sing’ from The Good Lord Bird, Season1, Ep. 2

The world-renowned Mahalia Jackson’s singing career began at a local Baptist church when she was just 12-years-old.

By age 20, she was in a famous touring choir that toured churches and concert halls in the area and, only a couple of years later, was already releasing recordings of her work.

She went on to release 25 studio albums and a slew of compilation albums. Throughout her career, however, Jackson would only ever record gospel songs. (article continues below…)


She was asked many times by both people close to her and to record company executives to consider releasing secular music as well, but she always refused.

Jackson died in 1972 at the age of just 60-years-old of heart disease and complications of diabetes. She was awarded a special Grammy Award the year after her death, as well as being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Listen to Mahalia Jackson’s ‘Trouble of the World’ as played on The Good Lord Bird in the video below. Jackson’s ‘Come on Children, Let’s Sing‘ is also played at the opening of the episode.

The Good Lord Bird starring Ethan Hawke, Joshua Caleb Johnson, Hubert Point-Du Jour and Beau Knapp and is currently streaming on Showtime.


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