Listen to Malo’s ‘Kiss Me’ from 365 Days and the car ride around Rome

Continuing on with the superb music featured on the soundtrack of the new Netflix movie 365 Days is synth pop artist Malo’s ‘Kiss Me‘ — the upbeat and addictive song reminiscent of classic 1990s synth pop that was played in the hit film as they arrive in Rome and during the subsequent car ride around that stunning city.


The track itself was released in December, 2019 and is from Malo’s six- track EP Who Am I.

It is not her first piece to be played on a movie or TV series, however, as she has also had music previously used in both Dexter and Bad Seeds.

Listen to Malo’s ‘Kiss Me‘ as played on 365 Days in both the video below and on her EP Who Am I in the Spotify player below that.

And, of course, don’t miss listening to Michele Marrone’s ‘Hard For Me, another of the superb songs from the 365 Days soundtrack — this one surprisingly from the film’s leading man.


Michelle Topham