Listen to Michele Morrone’s ‘Hard For Me’ from 365 Days, yes, the film is misogynistic garbage but the music is superb

365 Days has made Michele Morrone a star, his music might as well

While the new Netflix film 365 Days is the biggest piece of misogynistic garbage I ever made the decision to watch (well, actually, I watched less than half an hour and turned it off), the film does feature some pretty stellar music.

Music like lead actor Michele Morrone’s ‘Hard For Me‘ — because, yes, the guy that played Massimo in 365 Days is not only gorgeous but he sings as well and, yes, he sings beautifully.

Michele Morrone’s ‘Hard For Me‘ is from his 2020 album Dark Room, an album that features another nine similarly powerful tracks. An album that, I’m guessing, is likely to be as big of a hit for the Italian artist as Morrone’s latest movie.

Especially as the singer himself has one of those voices that powerfully takes over any song he sings.

As for Morrone, he is a 29-year-old Italian actor and singer. He previously had a small part in the Italian TV series Medici and is the lead in the film Duetto.

His big break, though, is 365 Days. A film that could very well give him the enormous international movie career he could previously only have dreamed about.

And yes, the film is utter garbage but, with 999 million people having already watched it on Netflix, it is more than likely to get a sequel. That being said, it would be nice to see Michele Morrone in more films anyway, as the man is certainly beautiful.

Let’s just hope any sequel is better than its predecessor.

Meanwhile, listen to Michele Morrone’s ‘Hard For Me‘ from 365 Days in both the video below and on his album Dark Room below that.

You will also find the three other songs Morrone contributed to 365 Days — ‘Feel It‘, ‘Dark Room’ and ‘Watch Me Burn‘ — on that album too.

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