Listen to Mitski’s ‘Washing Machine Heart’ from Mythic Quest, Season 3, Ep. 5 – simple, but powerful

Japanese-American singer songwriter Mitski’s ‘Washing Machine Heart‘ was played on Mythic Quest this week — Mythic Quest, Season 3, Episode 5, “Playpen“.

The song, which is one of the indie rock folk punk singer most popular releases, was played over the episode’s end credits.

Mitski’s ‘Washing Machine Heart‘ was released on the singer’s fifth studio album Be the Cowboy, which came out in 2018 via the Dead Oceans label.

The critically-acclaimed album went on to become Mitski’s most successful release, charting at #52 on the Billboard 200 chart, her first album to do that.

Be the Cowboy also made it to #3 on the U.S. Independent Albums chart, charted high on two other charts in America, as well as on charts in seven other countries. The 14-track album was eventually certified Silver in the UK.

The album itself was one of the singer’s quietest and most sparse both vocally and musically, with critics also commenting on the powerfulness of what seem like incredibly simple lyrics.

Mitski herself was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and an American father. As her father was in the U.S. State Department, however, she lived all over the world, before eventually moving to the U.S. permanently when she turned 18 years old.

The singer released her first album — Lush — in 2012, and has followed it up with five other albums including Be the Cowboy.

Her latest album — Laurel Hell — was her sixth full length release, and came out in February of this year. It was even more successful than Be the Cowboy, even though the singer didn’t promote it with a concert tour.

Listen to Mitski’s ‘Washing Machine Heart‘ as heard on last night’s Mythic Quest in the song’s black and white video, and on her Be the Cowboy album.

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