Listen to Raveena’s ‘No Better’ from Midnight, Texas — a chill, elegant R&B song

Listen to Raveena’s ‘No Better‘ as featured on Midnight, Texas

The chill Raveena R&B soul song ‘No Better‘ was featured on the new episode of Midnight, Texas this week — Season 2, Episode 3, “To Witch Hell And Back“.

It was played on the show as Fiji is fantasizing about having sex with Bobo as she watches Bobo shower.  Then as Bobo slips on the soap in the shower, and hurts himself.

Raveena herself is a New York City-based singer songwriter, who got most of her start in the music world via Soundcloud. You can still hear most of her music there.

As for Raveena’s ‘No Better‘, it is one of the tracks from Shanti,  her debut four-track EP, which was released on the House Music label in 2017.

Listen to Raveena’s ‘No Better‘ in the video below. You can also hear her EP Shanti in its entirety in the Spotify widget below that.

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