Listen to Ricky Martin’s ‘Tiburones’ from The Baker and The Beauty, Season 1, Episode 7

Photo: ABC/Nino Munoz

Ricky Martin’s ‘Tiburones‘ was one of the songs featured on the new episode of the romantic comedy drama The Baker and The Beauty this week — The Baker and The Beauty, Season 1, Episode 7. “Blow Out” (aired on 25th May, 2020).

The highly emotional ‘Tiburones‘ was released by Martin in January, 2020 and is a song about how two people in a relationship should concentrate on just moving forward together, rather than waste time in fighting about things that are not important.

Along with the song, Ricky Martin also released a music video that was directed by Puerto Rican director Kacho Lopez and shot in Puerto Rico where, of course, Martin was born and raised.

The video stars Martin singing the track while interspersed with clips of a woman at the head of a group of protesters peacefully facing down riot-geared police officers. The woman eventually wins out over the police, who remove their riot gear while the woman and the protesters celebrate and dance.

Peace, after all, is far more important than fighting about our differences.

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Listen to the original version of Ricky Martin’s ‘Tiburones‘ as featured on The Baker and The Beauty in that official music video below.

There is also a remix version of the track Martin released with Puerto Rican singer songwriter Farruko that is quite a bit funkier and cooler.

Check that out below as well.

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