Listen to Sleeping At Last’s ‘When It Don’t Come Easy’ from Grey’s Anatomy

When It Don't Come Easy Sleeping At Last

‘When It Don’t Come Easy’ was one of two Sleeping At Last songs featured on Grey’s Anatomy last night — Season 15, Episode 11, “The Winner Takes It All“.


The song is the Illinois native’s cover version of folk singer songwriter Patty Griffin’s song. The track was originally released by Griffin on her fourth studio album Impossible Dream in 2010.

‘When It Don’t Come Easy’ is just one of a huge number of songs Sleeping At Last has had featured on Grey’s Anatomy over the last few years.

To a point that, he must be the most liked artist by the show’s Music Supervisor out of every artist whose music has been featured on the popular medical drama, simply because his songs show up so much.

And, while Sleeping At Last, aka Ryan O’Neal, is most definitely an artist releasing songs that tend to sound quite a bit alike, they do generally suit the soundtrack of a TV series quite well. He is also incredibly prolific.

You can listen to Sleeping At Last’s ‘When It Don’t Come Easy’ in the Spotify widget below.

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