Listen to Soren Bryce’s ‘Forever’s Not Enough’ from ‘Eyewitness’ — It’s Pretty

Listen to Soren Bryce’s ‘Forever’s Not Enough‘ from ‘Eyewitness

Electro indie pop artist Soren Bryce‘s song ‘Forever’s Not Enough‘ was featured on the latest episode of ‘Eyewitness‘ this week — Season 1, Episode 9, “Savior Unknown“. It was heard when Lukas is rushed to the hospital and Kamilah tells Helen she did not compromise Lukas’s location.

Forever’s Not Enough‘ is Bryce’s latest single, and was released in November last year. It was also featured on an episode of MTV’s ‘Finding Carter‘.

As for Bryce, she released her crowd funded first EP in August, 2015. An EP that had four singles, all of which were released on some pretty damn influential platforms — NPRs All Things Considered, Billboard magazine, and Bullett Magazine.

No wonder she has started to come to the attention of TV show music directors.

Watch and listen to a live version of Soren Bryce’s ‘Forever’s Not Enough‘ at the Rockwood Music Hall in the video below. You can pick up the track on┬ámost major music sites online.

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