Listen to The Black Crowes’ ‘Remedy’ from The Gryphon Ep 1 as Mark puts his headphones on and listens to the song

American indie rock band The Black Crowes’ ‘Remedy‘ was the song playing on the first episode of the new Amazon Prime Video series The Gryphon this week — The Gryphon, Episode 1, “Gegen schlechte Zeiten“.

The track was heard playingn as Mark is leaving the house, puts his headphones on and listens to the track.

The Black Crowes’ ‘Remedy‘ was released in 2010 on the band’s ninth studio album Croweology. An acoustic double-album released on the Silver Arrow label.

It became the band’s last full-length album to be released, as The Black Crowes then went on hiatus in 2013.

A hiatus that lasted well into 2020, with a new album of new music still to be forthcoming, even though they are now back together and performing.

It was also the final album to include lead guitarist Luther Dickinson, as he left The Crowes in 2013 to play with the blues and Southern rock band the North Mississippi Allstars.

Croweology featured 19 new versions of songs from throughout The Black Crowes‘ career, each with a new take on the original track.

The album charted at #13 on the Billboard 200 chart.

It also performed markedly well in Europe as it charted in the Top 100 on album charts in the UK, Scotland, German and the Netherlands.

The Black Crowes’ ‘Remedy‘ was originally released back in 1992 as the second single from their sophomore album The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion.

That version was a hit for the Crowes in the United States, and in eight other countries.

Listen to The Black Crowes’ ‘Remedy‘  as licensed for play on The Gryphon in the video, and on the band’s Croweology album.

The Gryphon, known as Der Greif in German, is a new German fantasy series based on the novel by Wolfgang and Heike Hohlbein.

The drama is receiving rave reviews for its special effects and the way it depicts brutal events, although reviews for the series as a whole are poor to mixed.

You can watch The Gryphon now on Amazon Prime Video. A series that I would not say is perfect but, to me, is a good watch for its soundtrack alone.


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