Listen to The Vandals ‘Oi to the World’ from Merry Little Batman as Damian trains to catch the Joker

The just-released animated film Merry Little Batman is not only a family-friendly and kid-focused movie your children will love, especially if they are wanna-be super heroes, but it also has some jammin’ songs on its soundtrack.


One of them is the wild punk track playing early on in the film as Damian fools Alfred into going to buy marshmallows, steals back his belt, and then starts to train all over the house so that he is strong enough to beat the Joker.

That track is American punk rock band The Vandals ‘Oi to the World‘, and was just the perfectly raucous song Damian needed to accompany his vandalizing the house in the guise of “training”.

When was The Vandals’ ‘Oi to the World‘ released?

The wild punk Christmas track is actually one of The Vandals older tracks, coming out for the first time as it did in 1996 on their sixth studio album, and first holiday album, Christmas with The Vandals.

It was an album of silly tongue-in-cheek holiday songs, but didn’t garner much attention as it was released on the small indie label Kung Fu Records.

Luckily for The Vandals, however, they were friendly with the members of the rock band No Doubt at the time and, after that band released a cover of ‘Oi to the World‘ for a charity album a year after The Vandals, music fans became more interested in their work.

Due to that, their Christmas with The Vandals album was re-released in 2000 to much more attention.

While not a massive hit in the U.S., ‘Oi to the World‘ has become synonymous with the indie punk rock band and is still performed by them during their concerts to the delight of their fans.

The animated film Merry Little Batman it is currently heard on is streaming now via Amazon Prime Video.

It features solid voice acting performances — especially from Yonas Kibreab who voices Damia, and Luke Wilson who plays his dad aka Batman — as well as a cool art style, very nice animation and a fun and fast-paced plot.

Throw in bangin’ songs like ‘Oi to the World‘ and this one is a pleasant and fun holiday surprise.

Listen to The Vandals’ ‘Oi to the World‘ as heard on Merry Little Batman in the video below, and via the band’s Christmas with the Vandals album on Spotify.

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Michelle Topham