Listen to Tom Waits’ ‘Hell Broke Luce’ from ‘The Punisher’ — a brilliant anti-war, anti-violence track

Listen to Tom Waits’ ‘Hell Broke Luce‘ from The Punisher — a brilliant anti-war, anti-violence track

The brilliant Tom Waits‘ song ‘Hell Broke Luce‘ was featured on the first episode of the Netflix series Marvel’s The Punisher — Season 1, Episode 1, “3am” — a show about Frank Castle aka the vigilante known as ‘The Punisher’.

The track features Tom Waits’ trademark growl in all its glory here, and a sound that was perfect for the robbery scene it was used in.

Hell Broke Luce‘ is from Waits’ 2011 album Bad As Me, but it is the video for the song that caught my eye more than anything else.

Created and directed by illustrator and director Matt Mahurin (U2, Tracy Chapman, R.E.M.), it is Waits at his absolute anti-war anti-violence best.

It includes powerful images of Waits as a soldier pulling his house, a gas mask, a general with a helmet spewing fire, crows sitting on poles waiting for those in battle to die, Waits pulling a submarine that looks like a shark and an army of marching skeletons.

No, it does not leave much to the imagination when you wonder what Waits really thinks about how people are forced into fighting wars they don’t even believe in, just because their government says they must.

Listen to Tom Waits’ ‘Hell Broke Luce‘ as played on The Punisher in his stunning music video for the track below. Let’s face it, that is something you are not going to forget for a while.

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