Listen to Wade Bowen’s ‘A Guitar, a Singer and a Song’ from Fire Country, S1 E16 – another helluva country song

American country singer songwriter Wade Bowen’s ‘A Guitar, a Singer and a Song‘ was one of the tracks played on the CBS action drama Fire Country last night — Fire Country, Season 1 Episode 16, “My Kinda Leader“.

The song was played as Jake is apologizing to Collin for being a jerk, and continues as Vince tells Eve she should probably consider going into therapy.

Wade Bowen’s ‘A Guitar, a Singer and a Song‘, which features the phenomenal Vince Gill, is one of the track’s from the Texas native’s latest album Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth, which came out in August 22 via Thirty Tigers.

It is also one of a couple of tracks Bown has had played on Fire Country recently, as well as one song played on the hit series Yellowstone — proving he is starting to grab much-deserved attention from TV show music supervisors.

And I have to admit, as a music journalist, I sometimes don’t pay much attention to some singers just because they are not getting the press others get, as they are not represented by a major record label pushing their every move.

I did start paying attention to Wade Bowen, though, when his song ‘Say Goodbye‘ showed up on Fire Country back in January, and when I discovered his song ‘West Texas Rain‘, which has been on repeat on my Spotify Liked Songs list for months now.

Something decidely odd for me, as I rarely listen to country music.

But there is something about Wade Bowen’s voice, and the gorgeous songs he writes, that pulls me in and then keeps me coming back for more.

Listen to Wade Bowen’s ‘A Guitar, a Singer and a Song‘ in the track’s official music video, and on his Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth album below, and you will probably see why.

I’m also including Bowen’s ‘West Texas Rain‘ below that, if you want to hear more of his superb music, as I just cannot get enough of that song.

You can learn more about him via the singer’s official website.


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