Listen to Whitmer Thomas’ ‘Hurts To Be Alive’ from Shrinking, Ep. 3 end credits — a perfect song to end that stellar episode

American comedian and singer Whitmer Thomas’ ‘Hurts To Be Alive‘ was that fabulous song playing over the end credits of this week’s episode of Shrinking on Apple TV+ — Shrinking, Season 1, Episode 3, “Fifteen Minutes“.


The track is from his 2020 album Songs from the Golden One, an album of tracks from the comedian’s comedy special The Golden One.

It is a comedy show Whitmer performs where he talks about the death of his mother due to alcoholism, his almost-abduction at the age of three that was prevented by his father, the absence of his father during much of his childhood, and the estrangment of his aunt after his mother’s death.

His performance features Whitmer telling personal stories that are interspersed with songs that illustrate the emotions in the stories perfectly.

A recording of the show has since been aired on HBO.

Whitmer Thomas himself is not only a gifted comedian and musician, he is also an extremely accomplished and hard-working actor.

His performances include appearances in TV series like The Walking Dead, You’re The Worst, Ghosted, GLOW and Sunnyside, as well as roles in films like Sword of Trust, Uncle Kent and Tooken.

Listen to Whitmer Thomas’ ‘Hurts To Be Alive‘ as heard on yesterday’s Shrinking in both the video, and on his Songs from The Golden One album.

It was the perfect song to wrap up that stellar episode, eh?

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