Listen to Wolf Alice’s ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses’ from Heartstopper, Season 1, Ep. 1

British indie rock band Wolf Alice’s ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses‘ was one of many superb songs featured on the soundtrack of the new gay drama Heartstopper this month — Heartstopper, Season 1, Episode 1, “Meet“.

The lovely dream pop song was heard in the first episode as we see Charlie and Nick leaving school, and Charlie waiting for the bus while Nick is in the car with his mother.

Wolf Alice’s ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses‘ is from the band’s second studio album Visions of a Life, which came out in mid-2017.

The song was the first Wolf Alice single to chart on the UK’s Top 100 chart, hitting right at #100, and was written as an all-out love song with a happy ending.

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The ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses‘ music video features a woman sitting alone on a trip thinking back to all the other times she was on a train or a bus with the guy she’s in love with.

Right from the first minutes of when they fell in love, through their relationship as problems begin, and back out the other side.

A relationship that, right until the end of the video, obviously had some problems (but who’s doesn’t?), but a couple that still ended up staying in love.

Listen to Wolf Alice’s ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses‘ as heard on Heartstopper in that video, and on Wolf Alice‘s Visions of a Life album.


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