Listen to Years & Years’ ‘Sooner or Later’ from Love & Gelato – an upbeat, catchy dance track

While I loved some of the songs played on the new Netflix rom-com Love & Gelato, I have to admit I didn’t watch the movie the entire way through.

Sorry to say,  the cringe-worthiness and cheesiness was just more than I could take.

That being said, I did zip around the film a bit, just so I could listen to some of the cool tracks used on it.

Including this one — Years & Years’ ‘Sooner or Later‘,

That synth-pop song was released earlier this year as a promotional single before his album Night Call dropped in late January.

It is one of only a couple of songs released by Years & Years, aka the ever-shrinking group, as it dwindled from its former five members to three, and now to just one — Olly Alexander.

The song was written about the sex and random hookups Alexander used to have before the constant government lockdowns.

The track itself came with a lyric video, and is a relatively upbeat, catchy song that is a typical, fun dance number.

Listen to Years & Years’ ‘Sooner or Later‘ in the lyric video, and on his latest album Night Call.

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