Live Your Own Life E17 most-watched show on Sunday with even higher ratings than its Saturday episode

Live Your Own Life, Episode 17 aired on Korean TV last night to become the #1 most-watched show on Sunday. Again.

In fact, on the eight Sundays Live Your Own Life has aired so far, it was in the #1 spot on all of them.

As per usual, Live Your Own Life, Episode 17’s ratings were also excellent nationwide, with the Uee-led drama grabbing 15.5 percent of the audience share.

That rating is an increase from its already high Saturday rating of 14.5 percent. A rating that put the Korean family drama in the #1 most-watched spot on Saturday as well.

In Seoul, Episode 17 of the KBS2 family drama fared just as well grabbing 13.9 percent of the audience share, which is up almost 1.0 percent from the K-drama’s Saturday rating of 13.0 percent.

Let’s face it, with the show’s ratings as high as they have been, and with the number of Live Your Own Life episodes scheduled to be 50 in total, the drama could end up being the most-watched show on Korean TV for another 17 weekends as well.

Live Your Own Life stars the superb main cast of Uee, Ha Jun, and Go Joo Won, with Yoon Mi Ra, Nam Sung Jin, Lim Ji Eun, Jeong Young Sook and Lee Hwi Hyang in supporting roles.

The drama airs on KBS2 in South Korea every Saturday and Sunday evening at 20:05 (KST).

Outside the country, the 50 episode K-drama is streaming for international viewers on Viki where it is currently being rated an 8.3 out of 10.

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