Love Song for Illusion Ep 12 ratings lowest ever with just 4 episodes left

Still from Love Song for Illusion courtesy KBS2

Love Song for Illusion, Episode 12 ratings drop again

It was not a surprise to me to see the new Love Song for Illusion, Episode 12 ratings and learn the ongoing Korean drama had earned its lowest rating ever in South Korea last night.

Not when the comments on various drama-based websites are becoming more and more negative, and with some viewers dropping the K-drama completely.

Those Love Song for Illusion, Episode 12 ratings were 1.4 percent nationwide, which is a drop of 0.3 percent from the K-drama’s previous episode and a big drop from its first rating of 4.3 percent for Episode 1.

That rating also meant the Korean period drama was in the 34th place on South Korean TV for all of Tuesday.

Love Song for Illusion‘s international viewers

Meanwhile, international viewers of the Korean drama also seem to be dropping away as many complain about the “messiness” of the plot, and how much of it seems to have been thrown together but doesn’t make much sense.

One recent comment on My Drama List simply stated:

AI can write a better story than this.

while another pointed out her negative opinion about Love Song for Illusion wasn’t “hate” just — her opinion:

My opinion (not hate, as many people are commenting these days. cause if you don’t like a drama it’s instantly hate ;))

1. I do not recommend it (watch it only if you have nothing to watch or time to waste)
– Storyline is getting worse and worse.
2.Huge wasted potential

I only skip to (specific) scenes these days because I don’t have hope anymore. BUT Ji Hoon is doing a great job at acting (if you’re a fan of him, maybe you can watch it for him).

And yes, that last comment bears some truth, as it appears many people still watching Love Song for Illusion are doing so only because they are fans of Park Ji Hoon (and yep, he is doing a stellar job with a very poor script).

With just one episode of Love Song for Illusion airing this week, and with four episodes of the series left to air, the next episode will be out on KBS2 on February 19th.

As several viewers are suggesting though, if you haven’t started watching the drama yet, you may want to skip it.

At least until the final episode is out, and other viewers can tell you if the whole messy plot finally made sense by the time the Korean drama ends.

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