Love Song for Illusion Episode 15 ratings rise slightly before tomorrow’s finale

Photo courtesy KBS2

The ratings are in for Love Song for Illusion, Episode 15, which aired on KBS2 earlier tonight and, as you might expect for the K-drama’s penultimate episode, they rose slightly.

According to Nielsen Korea, those Love Song for Illusion, Episode 15 ratings were 2.1 percent nationwide.

That is a slight increase from Episode 14’s 1.9 percent last week but still slightly disappointing.

Especially considering the Korean drama’s final episode will air tomorrow night, and it would have been nice for the KBS2 drama to go out with much higher ratings than it has been earning for most of its second half.

Love Song for Illusion‘s scripts are the problem

Then again, international fans have been complaining for several episodes now that the plot is poorly-written and so much “all over the place” it can be hard to follow.

Or to even care.

Something many Korean viewers have probably felt as well, as the K-drama progressed and it became obvious it wouldn’t be getting any better.

That the Love Song for Illusion scripts were so poorly written then is a shame, as the lead cast of Park Ji Hoon, Hong Ye Ji, Hwang Hee and and Ji Woo have all given excellent performances with the material they were given.

But even the best performance in the world cannot overcome poor subject matter. No matter how hard an actor tries.

The final episode of Love Song for Illusion will air tomorrow night on KBS2 at its usual time of 22:10 (KST), with Viki streaming the Korean historical drama for international viewers.

Let’s hope the Korean drama at least earns ratings higher than Episode 15’s, as it would be nice for this excellent cast to be able to finish on a high note.

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