Lovely Runner Ep 6 ratings solid — K-drama #1 evening drama for Tuesday

Photo courtesy tvN

Got to say I’m really happy to see the ratings for the ongoing time travel romance drama Lovely Runner continuing to stay solid and, for some episodes since its premiere, to rise.

That solidity, by the way, was seen last night when Lovely Runner, Episode 6 ratings were pretty much the same as the previous episode’s audience share.

An audience share that has now seen the same excellent percentage for the last four episodes.

That Lovely Runner, Episode 6 nationwide rating, by the way, was 3.37 percent, which is basically the same as Episode 5’s 3.43 percent.

Meanwhile, the drama’s rating actually increased among Seoul audiences, as it rose from Episode 5’s 3.83 percent to last night’s 3.94 percent.

It also meant the tvN drama was the #1 most-watched evening drama on Korean cable TV for all of Tuesday — both nationwide and in Seoul.

Lovely Runner‘s international ratings

International audiences too are still rating the tvN drama incredibly high, with Viki viewers giving it a crazy high 9.8 out of 10, while even the often more disgruntled crowd over at IMDB are also rating the K-drama a very high (for that platform) 9.0 out of 10.

Lovely Runner stars the excellent main cast of Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon, with Song Geon Hee and Lee Seung Hyub in supporting lead roles.

The K-drama’s next episode will air on April 29th.

Fingers crossed we’ll still same the same solid ratings then as, so far, it is one of the better romance dramas out in quite a while.

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