Lovely Runner Ep 7 Han Bridge stills released along with video of that lovely scene

Just in case you missed these, tvN released the Lovely Runner, Episode 7 Han Bridge stills from that amazing January 1st, 2023 scene right before the episode aired yesterday.

That episode and that scene, for most fans, is probably one of the Top 3 of this absolutely superb Korean drama so far — at least it was for me.

While, unfortunately, there are only three stills, they still do a nice job of showing just what that final scene of Episode 7 meant to both Ryu Sun Jae (beautifully played by Byeon Woo Seok) and Im Sol (Kim Hye Yoon – she’s so damned good in this role!).

But then tvN went one step further, and also released a video of that touching Han Bridge scene, and within just a few hours 250,000 people have already watched it. (watch below)

It doesn’t have English subtitles, and Google Translate does its usual mediocre job, but you have probably already watched those two on the bridge 10 times since last night anyway, so you know the dialogue by heart.

The episode itself, btw, was the highest rated Lovely Runner episode yet in South Korea, and with international viewers raving about it as well.

But, I’m guessing, Episode 8 tonight will grab even bigger ratings as nobody in their right minds would choose to watch anything else after the last thing we heard from Im Sol was “Let’s spend the night together”, right?

Episode 8 of Lovely Runner will hit the airwaves on tvN in South Korea at 20:50 (KST), with Viki streaming it internationally, and in around 20 subtitled languages, around the same time.


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