Marry My Husband Episode 11 ratings skyrocket – #1 show on cable TV on Monday

Marry My Husband Episode 11 ratings -- illustrated by still of Park Min Young in the episode

Marry My Husband, Episode 11 ratings prove the K-drama still massively popular

With every new episode of the hit Korean drama Marry My Husband releasing, there seems to be no end to how high its ratings will rise.

Case in point, the just-released Marry My Husband, Episode 11 ratings, both nationwide and in Seoul, which show yet more all-time high numbers for the Park Min Young-led rom-com.

The latest nationwide rating, according to the official Nielsen Korea data, was 11.77 percent of the cable TV viewership on Monday night.

That is more than a 1.0 percent increase over its previous episode’s already high rating of 10.71 percent.

An even higher increase occurred with the K-drama’s Seoul audience, as the Marry My Husband, Episode 11 ratings came in via Nielsen Korea at 13.03 percent — a huge increase over Episode 10’s 11.76 percent.

Both the nationwide and the Seoul ratings also placed Marry My Husband in the #1 spot on cable TV as the most-watched show on all of Monday.

Marry My Husband still crazy successful on Amazon Prime

Along with Marry My Husband being so successful in Korea, the K-drama is also still crazy successful on Amazon Prime outside the country.

So much so, according to the latest data via Flix Patrol today, the drama is in the Top 10 most watched shows on Amazon Prime in 86 countries, as well as the #1 most-watched show in 10 of those.

Marry My Husband stars the previously mentioned Park Min Young alongside Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, and Song Ha Yoon.

The Korean drama’s next episode will air on tvN in South Korea tomorrow night (Tuesday), with Amazon Prime Video streaming it internationally around the same time.

With tonight’s ratings for the hit rom-com already being so high, don’t be surprised if they rise even more tomorrow.

Photo: courtesy tvN

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