Max Giesinger’s ‘Nie besser als jetzt’ acoustic performance video is another beautiful treat

My favorite German singer songwriter Max Giesinger has another beautiful music video out today — and it’s another acoustic performance of a track from his recently released acoustic album Die Reise (The Journey).

This time, it is a Max Giesinger ‘Nie besser als jetzt‘ acoustic performance and, just like the last one, is filmed in the middle of a forest clearing with his backing musicians.

The ‘Nie besser als jetzt‘ music video is the fifth in a six-set series of special videos Giesinger is releasing to promote his new album.

The others — ‘Australien‘, ‘Zuhause, ‘Ultraviolett‘ and the title track of the album ‘Die Reise‘ can already be watched on his YouTube channel.

Watch Giesinger’s lovely ‘Nie besser als jetzt‘ (Never Better Than Now) video below.

You can also grab Max Giesinger’s 13-track album Die Reise (Akustik Version) (his rearrangement of songs from his original Die Reise album) on the usual digital platforms.

If you’re a streaming music fan, do yourself a favor and check out the album in its entirety in the Spotify player below.



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