Nothing Uncovered Ep 8 earns highest ratings yet as international viewers still rating it very high

Photo courtesy of KBS2

The Korean thriller Nothing Uncovered, Episode 8 aired on KBS2 last night and earned its highest ratings yet due to a substantial viewership jump from its Monday night episode.

Data via Nielsen Korea shows the K-drama grabbed 3.8 percent of the nationwide audience share, which is a sizable jump from Episode 7’s audience share of 2.9 percent, and .70 percent higher than any episode’s ratings previously.

The Kim Ha Neul-led thriller garnered even higher ratings in Seoul, earning 4.1 percent of the audience — an increase of 1.3 percent versus Episode 7.

Considering Nothing Uncovered is well-written, has an intriguing plot, and the main actors are doing a stellar job in their roles, let’s hope those numbers continue to rise from here.

Especially as, outside South Korea, it continues to earn very high ratings from viewers on Viki (9.4 out of 10), as well as a solid 8.5 out of 10 on IMDB (where it is bizarrely titled Let’s Get Grabbed By The Collar).

The Nothing Uncovered stats

Nothing Uncovered is based on the popular web novel of the same name by writer New Lucky.

The K-drama stars the previously mentioned Kim Ha Neul alongside Yeon Woo JinĀ andĀ Jang Seung Jo, and airs every Monday and Tuesday evening on KBS2 in South Korea.

North American streaming platform Viki is streaming each new episode for its subscribers.

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