Oasis, Ep. 15 earns LARGEST audience since its premiere as its final episode airs tonight

Oasis finale likely to see revenge drama break its own audience record

With the final episode of the South Korean drama Oasis airing later on tonight, it is probably no surprise then that Oasis, Episode 15 earned the drama’s largest audience since it premiered on March 6th last night.

With the latest official numbers for the revenge dream coming from Nielsen Korea earlier today, it appears Oasis, Episode 15 earned 8.0 percent of the nationwide audience in Korea, and an even higher 8.2 percent in Seoul.

That means the high-drama of Oasis, Episode 15 garnered almost 2.0 percent more of an audience since its first episode nationwide, and a full 2.0 percent in Seoul.

Something I predicted would happen yesterday after the ratings for the drama’s fourteenth episode had also markedly increased from the previous one.

Episode 16, which is the final episode of Oasis, airs on KBS2 later tonight and, I predict, will probably blow the K-drama’s ratings out of the water earning it a new personal record.

After all, even internationally, viewers have been complaining all the way through 15 episodes of Oasis about the toxicity of the people in it and how the writing was so poor the plot was “all over the place”, yet few of them ever seemed to drop it and move onto something else.

Of course they will now be dying to know how the entire mess ends.

The period drama Oasis stars Jang Dong Yoon, Seol In Ah, and Choo Young Woo. It follows a trio of friends during the 1980s, one of South Koreans most turbulent modern decades.

The series finale of Oasis will air on KBS2 at 21:50 (KST) tonight.

The streaming platform Viki will carry the episode for international viewers soon after it airs, with Waave also streaming it in Korea.



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