Passenger’s Acoustic Guitar ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ Even Sweeter Than Elton John’s (Video)


British singer songwriter Passenger has another cover out this weekend in his new “Sunday Night Series“. This time it’s Elton John‘s ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight‘, with Passenger’s acoustic guitar version even ‘sweeter’ than that of John’s.


The video itself is as beautiful as the music too. Filmed in the ‘forests of Finland’, just outside Helsinki.

Apparently, it was much colder during the filming than it looks, however, as Passenger commented in the video notes “huge thanks to my wonderful band and crew (who almost froze to death in the making of this video)”. Yikes!

The video was directed by Jarrad Seng, the man who has been directing most of Passenger’s videos lately, and does a lovely job.

Watch below.

Michelle Topham