Queen of Tears climbs even higher up Netflix Top 10 after its final episode

The massively successful Korean drama Queen of Tears streamed its final episode on Sunday night, and climbed even higher up the Netflix Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart as a result.

That meant the Korean romance drama ended its run at #2 on the chart, climbing from last week’s #3 to get there.

It was also the eighth week Queen of Tears was on the chart — in other words, the eighth week of all eight weeks it was available to watch on the streaming platform.

According to Netflix’ Tudum platform, Queen of Tears was watched 4.1 million times during the week of April 22nd to April 28th, for a massive total of 85.6 million hours since it premiered on March 9th.

Queen of Tears becomes #3 highest-rated drama series in Korean history

Of course, it wasn’t just Netflix where Queen of Tears was so successful either as, with its last episode, it also became the third highest-rated drama series in all of Korean drama history, passing two other mega-hit dramas to get there.

It was able to do that after climbing from its first nationwide rating for Episode 1 of 5.85 percent to its final episode’s audience share of 24.85 percent.

Queen of Tears stars Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won, with all 16 episodes of the series now streaming on Netflix.

Maybe head over there and watch them, and help keep this superb K-drama to stay on the Netflix Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart even longer, eh?

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