Kim Soo Hyun #1 in Brand Reputation Rankings for Drama Actors for April, 2024

Kim Soo Hyun hits #1 in brand reputation rankings, even besting Queen of Tears co-star Kim Ji Won

April, 2024’s brand reputation rankings for drama actors are out via the Korean Business Research Institute and, as fans of the ongoing drama Queen of Tears might have guessed, Kim Soo Hyun that drama’s male lead is in the #1 spot.

The rankings are for the period March 10th and April 10th, 2024, and with the usual calculations applying.

According to the Institute, Kim Soo Hyun’s positivity-negativity analysis also revealed a score of 89.55 percent positive reactions versus negative.

Not bad, eh?

Although, of course, not surprising for anyone watching his current hit drama Queen of Tears, which was recently watched by so many people in South Korea it jumped to the #5 highest-rated cable TV drama of all-time (peak rating).

Which actors did Kim Soo Hyung beat to hit #1 spot?

As for who Kim Soo Hyun beat to grab the #1 spot on the Brand Reputation Rankings for Drama Actors for April, 2024, while one of those was his Queen of Tears co-star Kim Ji Won (#4), here are the other Korean drama actors who also made it into the Top 10. (And who also beat out 40 other actors themselves).

2. Cha Eun Woo — who is currently starring in the hit drama Wonderful World

3. Moon Sang Min — star of the just ended Wedding Impossible

4. Kim Ji Won — Kim Soo Hyun’s co-star in the massive hit K-drama Queen of Tears

5. Kim Nam Joo — Cha Eun Woo’s co-star in Wonderful World

6. Lee Bo Young — the female lead in the ongoing hit thriller Hide

7. Kim Kang Woo — Kim Nam Joo’s Wonderful World co-star

8. Ji Hyun Woo — he’s starring in the new #1 rated drama Beauty and Mr. Romantic

9. Im Soo Hyang — the female lead in Beauty and Mr. Romantic

10. Park Hyung Sik — starred in the recently ended Doctor Slump

And there you have it.

The Top 10 Korean actors in the Brand Reputation Rankings for Drama Actors for April, 2024.

And, with Queen of Tears not airing its final episode until April 28th, I have a feeling either Kim Soo Hyun will still be at #1 in the May rankings, or his co-star Kim Ji Won will have climbed there instead.

Don’t you?

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