Queen of Tears Ep 13 viewership highest on a Saturday – bodes well for Ep 14 tonight

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With the latest ratings out from Nielsen Korea, they show the Queen of Tears, Episode 13 viewership last night was the highest the Korean drama has earned on a Saturday since the show premiered on March 9th.

Those Queen of Tears, Episode 13 viewership numbers were 20.17 percent nationwide, which is only slightly down from last Sunday’s 20.73 percent, and close to 4.0 percent higher than ratings for any Saturday the K-drama has aired on.

The K-drama’s previous highest ever Saturday rating was for Episode 11 and its 16.76 percent rating.

Those numbers also made it the #1 most-watched show on cable TV in South Korea for all of Saturday.

In addition, the latest episode of Queen of Tears audience share was an even higher 22.25 percent in Seoul — with its previous Saturday ratings high an 18.50 percent for Episode 11.

Another big jump, eh?

In other words, with the Korean drama performing so well on Saturday night, it is very likely when its next episode airs tonight (Sunday), we will see Queen of Tears earn its highest ever rating — for either a Saturday or a Sunday.

I’d bet money on it.

More Queen of Tears accolades

Remember too, the Korean drama is performing incredibly well on Netflix, and its main leads are also receiving accolades for their work.

On Netflix, the Korean drama hit the #1 spot on the streaming platform’s Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart four weeks after it premiered, but it had already been on the chart in lower positions for all four weeks before.

Meanwhile, the K-drama’s male lead Kim Soo Hyun was named the #1 star on the April Brand Reputation Rankings for Drama Actors earlier in the month, while his female lead Kim Ji Won grabbed the #4 spot.

The drama is also the 5th highest-rated cable TV drama of all time in South Korea (for its peak), and likely to surpass that before it ends. Possibly tonight.

It has also just been named as the #1 most “Buzzworthy Drama” for the 6th week in a row!

Meanwhile, the next episode of Queen of Tears will air later on tonight on tvN in South Korea, and on Netflix for the rest of us.

I’m betting it gains at least 2.0 percent more than its Saturday rating last night. How about you?

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