Queen of Tears Ep 14 nearly beats Crash Landing on You as #4 highest-rated series

Aaaaarggggghhhhh! — That’s me screaming about the Queen of Tears, Episode 14 rating that just came in via Nielsen Korea, as that rating was so so so close to the one Crash Landing on You earned for its final episode.

A rating that made Crash Landing on You the #4 highest-rated drama series on cable TV, and a rating that Queen of Tears missed beating by a hair’s breadth last night.

That nationwide rating for Queen of Tears, Episode 14 was 21.62 percent on Sunday night, compared to the 21.68 percent Crash Landing on You earned for its Episode 16.

In other words, even though it earned an even higher rating than its Saturday show, Queen of Tears missed beating Crash Landing on You by a teeny tiny 0.06 percent, and so still sits at #5 on the highest-rated dramas list.

Crazy, eh?

Meanwhile, last night’s rating was still the Korean drama’s highest rating yet, and it has just been named the #1 Most Buzzworthy Drama for the 6th week in a row!

The Queen of Tears, Episode 14’s Seoul rating beats Crash Landing

In Seoul, however, Queen of Tears gave Crash Landing on You quite a nice beating — grabbing 23.92 percent of the audience share on Sunday night, versus Crash Landing on You‘s 23.24 percent — thus, earning 0.68 percent more than Crash Landing.

Unfortunately for Queen of Tears, however, it’s the nationwide rating that’s important, with Seoul’s audience share not so much.

Here’s why Queen of Tears will beat Crash Landing on You‘s #4 spot

All is not lost, however, as it’s pretty obvious at this point that Queen of Tears will knock Crash Landing on You off its #4 spot on the highest-rated drama series on cable TV list before it ends.

I think it may also knock Sky Castle off its #3 perch (23.77 percent) before its done. (Fingers crossed!)

And that’s because both Crash Landing on You and Sky Castle earned their all-time high rating for their final episodes, whereas Queen of Tears still has two more episodes to run to beat them.

With the rating for the tvN drama’s Sunday show increasing every single week for its entire run as well, if Queen of Tears, Episode 16 doesn’t end the K-drama series with an absolutely enormous rating, I’ll swear off watching Korean dramas for a month. (Never going to happen, but you know what I mean!)

Crash Landing on You stars the superb duo of Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won.

The superb Korean drama’s final two episodes will air next Saturday and Sunday — April 27th and 28th — on tvN. Expect their ratings to defeat all others.

As usual, Netflix will stream the episodes internationally.

Note: And I don’t care how the episode ended last night — viewers will still tune in in droves to see how it really ends next week.

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