Queen of Tears Ep 12 rating has K-drama moving closer to overtaking Crash Landing on You

Photo of Kim Soo Hyun in Queen of Tears courtesy tvN

The Korean rom-com Queen of Tears, Episode 12 aired on Sunday night and not only surpassed its previous “highest ever rating” that it earned for Episode 10, but also moved it even closer to overtaking the 4th highest-rated cable TV show of all time — Crash Landing on You.

Queen of Tears is currently in the 5th most-watched position. (Here’s the chart — and, no, Wikipedia is very behind on updating it, so you’ll have to do the math yourself).

The K-drama’s nationwide rating last night was 20.73 percent, which is a substantial increase from the tvN drama’s previous all-time high of 18.95 percent, as well as the first time the K-drama has passed the 20 percent viewership mark.

With Crash Landing on You‘s best rating being 21.68 percent, in my mind, that’s a gap Queen of Tears can quickly cross in order to bump Crash Landing off its perch.

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Meanwhile, the Queen of Tears, Episode 12 ratings were even higher in Seoul, grabbing an astounding 23.24 percent – a very nice increase from its previous all-time high of 20.92 percent.

Queen of Tears is now tvN’s 2nd highest-rated tvN drama

Last night’s rating also means Queen of Tears is now the 2nd highest-rated tvN drama of all-time, with only Crash Landing on You, with the 21.68 percent it earned for its final episode beating it.

And I have a feeling Queen of Tears will pass that quite soon. Don’t you?

In fact, with just four K-dramas surpassing Queen of Tears on the all-time chart too — The World of the Married, Reborn Rich, Sky Castle and Crash Landing on YouI predict the ongoing rom-com will overtake at least a couple of them before its done.

Queen of Tears, of course, stars the the Two Kims — Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won — alongside Park Sung Hoon, and also sports a stellar supporting cast, which includes Kwak Dong Yeon, Lee Joo Bin, Kim Kap Soo, Lee Mi Sook, Jung Jin Young and Kim Jung Nan.

It airs every Saturday and Sunday evening on tvN in South Korea, with Netflix streaming each new episode worldwide soon after.

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