Radiohead’s Rocking Performance of ‘Creep’ at Coachella Occurred Despite Terrible Sound Problems (Video)

Radiohead's rocking performance of 'Creep' at Coachella was despite terrible sound problems that plagued the band.

Radiohead’s rocking performance of ‘Creep‘ occurred despite some of the worst sound problems the festival has ever had

Never say British rock band Radiohead aren’t the best of sports or don’t care about their fans. Not after you’ve seen or heard about their terrible sound problems at Coachella 2017 on Friday night.

So bad were they, the band had to leave the stage twice during their set while sound technicians tried to fix the problem. But, even horrific sound problems couldn’t stop Radiohead’s rocking performance of ‘Creep‘ which finally happened towards the end of the night.

Sound problems for Radiohead started during their performance of Ful Stop, the band’s third song of the night, when there was a loud pop and all sound disappeared. After fiddling for a few minutes, technicians got the sound back up only for it to die again in another spectacular failure during The National Anthem just three songs later.

After it being re-fixed, the English band tried to get through another song, but Coachella’s sound system was having none of it. The band finally left the stage in the middle of their performance of Let Down when the speakers completely failed leaving the thousands of fans unable to hear anything at all.

But, after a short intermission, while sound techs worked furiously to get the sound not only up and running but stable, Radiohead returned and were soon at the end of their set giving a rocking performance of ‘Creep’.

Not an in tune performance, not a solid performance, but pretty damned epic considering the terrible sound problems, the size of the now-over excited crowd and the fact Coachella is such an epic event anyway.

Watch Radiohead’s performance of ‘Creep‘ at Coachella in the video below which, by the way, sounded even better on the live feed.

Like I said, not in tune, not solid but, man, do they sound cool.


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