Re-watch Gu Won on King the Land parachute land onto his hotel roof or… NOT (Video)

Lee Jun Ho looks cool as he performs a perfect parachute landing while wearing a suit, or not

The new Korean rom-com King the Land (킹더랜드 in Korean) not only stars two of Korea’s most popular idols —  Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoon Ah — but it is brilliantly written, gorgeously shot, the chemistry between the two main leads is superb and, yep, the drama is pretty funny.

One of the best and funniest scenes of King the Land, Episode 1, of course, is when chaebol heir Gu Won (played by Lee Jun Ho) does a cool parachute jump followed by a perfect landing onto the roof of his hotel.

All while wearing a perfectly-fitting business suit.

Yep, that is apparently how the chaebol in South Korea get to work these days

Or not, as we soon find out.

As, sure, Gu Won looked incredibly cool as he performed a perfect landing onto the roof of the King Hotel, quickly removed his helmet, parachute and digital wrist mount altimeter, dropped everything on the roof and strolled off to his meeting.

But he didn’t get very far.

Because we soon find out, while Gu Won might be able to affect a perfect landing onto a roof, he doesn’t always manage to land on the correct roof.

In his case, Gu Won ends up on the roof of a building next to the hotel he should have landed on.

Something he discovers when his phone rings, and a voice tells him “You landed in the wrong place. It’s the building next to you”.

Watch Gu Won parachute onto the wrong building in King the Land, Episode 1

Watch, or re-watch as it’s well worth a second look, Gu Won (aka Lee Jun Ho), perform a perfect parachute landing, if it wasn’t for the fact that he should never have been on that building at all, in the video clip below.

As really, who cares, right?

Because it’s all about Lee Jun Ho looking cooler than cool, and absolutely perfect for that part.

If you love that look, and who doesn’t, the first two episodes of King the Land are now streaming on Netflix and, if you enjoy a good Korean rom-com, this one is right up there with some of the best of the last few years.

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