Red Velvet’s Joy starring with Kim Hye Yoon in drama The Year We Turned 29? Here’s what we know so far

Red Velvet’s Joy in talks for drama “The Year We Turned 29” alongside Kim Hye Yoon

On June 7th, South Korean media outlets reported that Red Velvet’s Joy is considering a role in the upcoming drama The Year We Turned 29.

Joy, of course, starred in Tempted, The One and Only and Once Upon a Small Town and, with it being more than two years since her most recent drama, it’s about time she came back.

The series, based on a popular webtoon, revolves around three women who share the same name and age.

Despite life’s challenges, they end up relying on each other while learning to navigate new friendships.

Joy has reportedly been offered the role of Cha Woo Ri, a flight attendant who is perceived as cold and unfeeling by those around her.

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Yoon, fresh off the success of the smash-hit drama Lovely Runner, is also in discussions for a lead role in the same drama.

What is the plot of The Year We Turned 29?

According to Korean entertainment news, The Year We Turned 29 follows three characters who are approaching their 30s, and who, due to several setbacks, mature and learn to support each other through life’s sometimes difficult journey.

The drama follows the lives of Bong Woo Ri, who is a part-time designer who went to art school at an older age and so is now desperately trying to catch up with her peers; Cha Woo Ri, the previously-mentioned no-nonsense flight attendant; and Kim Woo Ri, who was studying for a civil service exam but then had to quit after suffering from panic attacks.

Although Joy’s role is clear, details about Kim Hye Yoon’s character still remain undisclosed.

You may remember The Year We Turned 29 (titled 아홉수우리들 in Korean), as it was initially talked about more than three years ago, with Kim Hye Yoon’s name then bandied around back in August, 2022 as one of the drama’s leads.

We then heard nothing more about it until Korean news media started talking about the drama again this month.

Fingers crossed it won’t be postponed again as, if Joy and Kim Hye Yoon end up starring, this one could be a must-watch.

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