Seo Kang Joon, Kim Min Ju, and Jin Ki Joo go back to school in new MBC drama Undercover High School

Reports out of South Korea say Seo Kang Joon, Kim Min Ju, and Jin Ki Joo are currently in talks to star in an MBC comedy action drama tentatively titled Undercover High School.

Only Kim Min Ju’s agency Management SOOP has responded to the reports, however, with the usual “Kim Min Ju has received an offer to star in Undercover High School and is positively reviewing it”.

Personally, I’m a bit tired of Korean dramas featuring grown adults either playing high school students or pretending to be high school students, but maybe I am not the target audience for this.

Either way, here is what we know about the Undercover High School plot, and the characters the three actors will play if they accept the roles being offered to them.

Undercover High School plot

The plot of the comedy action drama was revealed by Korean news media, so take this with a grain of salt as plots do tend to change quite significantly as more information about a new drama comes out.

Currently, Undercover High School is said to follow a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent who goes undercover in a high school.

We have no idea why or what his goal is, but we do know Seo Kang Joon would be the actor to play that character — Jung Hae Sung — should he accept the role.

The role Jin Ki Joo has been offered is that of temporary teacher Oh Soo Ah, while Kim Min Ju would play student body president, and the daughter of the high school’s chairman, Lee Ye Na.

Undercover High School is being directed by Choi Jung In (Knight Flower), and was written by Im Young Bin (Bad Prosecutor).

No announcement has yet been made as to when filming will start, but the drama itself is scheduled to premiere on MBC in early 2025.

We will keep you updated as soon as more details are announced.

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