Shirley Bassey ‘Yesterday When I Was Young’ – Conchita Wurst Has a Lot to Answer For (Video)

shirley bassey yesterday when I was young

And this is the problem with Conchita Wurst. The worm hole I end up going down every time I write about the songs she likes. Because, as a former radio DJ who has listened to a million songs, I have to say her musical taste is eclectic and endlessly fascinating, and probably even better than mine. (What? I never said I wasn’t arrogant).

And herein lies the problem.

Today’s planned Repeat Rotation Video was going to be Smashing Pumpkins singing ‘1979‘ – one of the best alternative rock songs ever created.

But now that will have to be tomorrow’s RRV, as today my head got stuck on Shirley Bassey after writing about Tom Neuwirth (the lovely Conchita’s male counterpart), and his astounding performance of another Bassey song.

So, after listening to a slew of Bassey songs, which brought back memories of my happy childhood, I finally settled on one of her most well-known songs – ‘Yesterday When I Was Young‘ for today’s Repeat Rotation Video. For no other reason than it’s Bassey, and this song is fabulous.

If you are already familiar with her, enjoy her singing ‘Yesterday When I Was Young‘ from a 1972 BBC special ‘All About Shirley‘ in the video below. It’s a beautiful piece of filming too, as it moves from rehearsal to actual live performance within the same song.

If you are not familiar with Bassey, please don’t stop with this video. She is one of the most amazing singers you will ever hear – an absolute vocal powerhouse who gives performances that are always an emotional tour de force. Listen to everything you can.

Meanwhile, enjoy this and, as always, play it loud, with headphones on but, in this case, not with eyes closed – as watching Shirley Bassey is just as mesmerizing as listening to her.

And, as for Conchita Wurst? Thank you for reminding me recently about so many incredible songs I had forgotten about. You and your taste in music are absolutely appreciated.


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