Silbermond’s ‘Für Dich Schlägt Mein Herz’ — Gorgeous Guitars and Beautiful — Repeat Rotation Video

silbermond Für dich schlägt mein Herz

While I was writing about German band Silbermond’s new single ‘Leichtes Gepäck’ earlier in the week, I came across their track ‘Für Dich Schlägt Mein Herz‘ (My Heart Beats For You‘), the third single from their 2012 album Himmel Auf, a song I used to play all the time when it first releasedToday, I’ve gone back to it, and that track has become my Repeat Rotation Video, as I was just in the mood for some awesome German rock music. And Silbermond definitely hits that spot.

And what I love about ‘Für Dich Schlägt Mein Herz’, and about Silbermond in particular is just how beautifully their music always builds to the most amazing climaxes, with the most fabulous guitars. Even the quieter songs tend to end not with a whimper, but with a soul-grabbing bang. 

As for ‘Für Dich Schlägt Mein Herz’, it was the second single from Himmel Auf and, while it has rocking guitars and a great beat, it’s just so darned pretty. And the video is beautiful, as it shows you just some of the possibilities of a lived well life.

Watch and listen to it below. And, as usual with my Repeat Rotation Videos, on headphones, as loud as it will go and, of course, dancing.


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