Son Hyun Joo and Kim Myung Min to star in Your Honor – remake of superb Israeli/American dramas

Not being 17-years-old myself, I am always thrilled when older Korean actors are still being given an opportunity to star in a major drama.

That’s why the announcement that Son Hyun Joo (The Good Detective) and Kim Myung Min (Law School) will be co-starring in a new drama created by director and similarly-aged Pyo Min Soo (Moon in the Day) made my week.

The upcoming legal-themed drama is called Your Honor, with Korean news media also reporting Kim Do Hoon, Yoon Chan Young, and Jung Eun Chae as part of the main cast last year — although their casting has not, as yet, been confirmed.

It is a remake of the American crime drama Your Honor (2020) starring Bryan Cranston, which in turn is a remake of the Israeli TV series Kvodo (כבודו) (2017).

According to Korea’s Newsis, the plot of the upcoming drama goes like this:

Your Honor tells the story of two fathers, Song Pan Ho (to be played by Son Hyun Joo) and Kim Kang Heon (Kim Myung Min), who decide to become monsters for their children.

Pan Ho is a judge who is respected by everyone for his warm personality. He lives a successful life without a single blemish and is a man of upright convictions and a just mission. Kang Heon is a brutal crime boss. He has a cold heart, an imposing presence, and an unstoppable power that makes everyone fear him.

The drama is being directed by Designated Survivor: 60 Days director Yoo Jong Sun.

Both the original Israeli drama and its American remake are superb, by the way, as they show a disturbing look at the lengths some parents will go to not only to protect their children but to brain-wash themselves into believing their actions are “moral”.

Your Honor is scheduled to premiere on Genie TV and ENA in the same time slot as the currently airing Crash, once that drama ends.

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