Taxi Driver 2, Episode 6 postponed due to World Baseball Classic between Korea and Japan

This is a quick heads up to let you know, if you are desperate to watch the Korean drama Taxi Driver 2, Episode 6, “I’m So Sorry For the Adults“, unfortunately, you won’t be able to do that until 24 hours later than it was originally scheduled to air.


That is because Taxi Driver 2, Episode 6 was unfortunately scheduled to broadcast at the same time as last night’s World Baseball Classic baseball game between Korea and Japan — a massively important game for a huge percentage of Korea.

Because of that, of course, the drama had to be postponed for 24 hours.

For fans of Taxi Driver 2, it is definitely an annoyance, as Episode 6 has been postponed once already.

For fans of Korean baseball, it is not annoying but likely tragic, as the Korean team was trounced by the Japanese in a 4-13 final score last night, meaning it is very likely the Korean team will be out in the first round of the tournament.

For fans of Taxi Driver 2 that also means, instead of the usual two episodes of the revenge drama this weekend, you will only be able to watch one.

That episode will be Taxi Driver 2, Episode 6, which, due to its postponement from last night, will air at the same time as Episode 7 should have been airing tonight.

The remainder of the 16 episodes for the rest of the season of Taxi Driver 2, however, should air at their usual scheduled time going forward. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, outside South Korea, Taxi Driver 2 is streaming via Viki in most regions.

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