The Atypical Family, Ep 8 grabs a new all-time high rating – also performs well on Netflix

Last night’s The Atypical Family, Episode 8 aired on JTBC in South Korea to a new personal all-time high rating nationwide.

The fantasy romance mini-drama grabbed 4.24 percent of the nationwide audience, which is an increase from Saturday night’s much lower 3.48 percent.

The rating also put the K-drama in first place in its time slot on cable TV.

Seoul audiences were also solid with The Atypical Family, Episode 8 grabbing an even higher 4.97 percent. That was a marked increase from its previous episode’s viewership of 4.09 percent.

Both ratings for the Jang Ki Yong and Chun Woo Hee-led drama were quite a bit higher than what the series earned for its first episode back on May 4th (3.28 percent nationwide and 3.79 percent in Seoul).

International ratings for The Atypical Family rising

Ratings from international viewers have also been rising over the last few weeks, with the Korean drama earning 8.3 out of 10 on My Drama List from when it premiered up until this weekend, when the average rating increased slightly to 8.4.

The Korean romance drama has also been performing well on Netflix, where it is streaming worldwide.

According to their Tudum platform, The Atypical Family was at #8 on the platform’s Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart, with 9.8 million hours viewed last week.

It is the drama’s second week on the chart, as it debuted at #6 the week before.

New data will be released by Netflix tomorrow, so we will see where the K-drama places then.

The next episode of The Atypical Family will premiere on Saturday, June 1st, with the drama ending its 12-episode run the following weekend.

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