The Escape of the Seven E12 ratings RISE even against rivals My Dearest and Strong Girl Nam Soon

Photo courtesy SBS

Episode 12 of The Escape of the Seven sees its ratings rise again after Episode 11’s all-time low

As the K-drama field on Saturday night in South Korea becomes ridiculously crowded with The Escape of the Seven, My Dearest, Strong Girl Nam Soon and new offering Castaway Diva now overlapping in their time slots, The Escape of the Seven, Episode 12 actually saw its ratings rise on Saturday night.

Not by a huge amount but, considering the SBS revenge drama has such strong competition on Saturday night, The Escape of the Seven, Episode 12 managed to perform exceptionally well.

According to Nielsen Korea, The Escape of the Seven earned 5.6 percent of the audience share last night.

That is a small but very welcome increase from its previous episode’s season low of 5.3 percent.

That rating also caused the SBS drama to rise from being Friday night’s 9th most-watched show of the day to last night’s 5th most-watched show.

In Seoul, The Escape of the Seven, Episode 12 saw a similar increase, moving from Episode 11’s rating of 5.3 percent to last night’s quite a bit higher 5.8 percent,

The drama also moved from Friday’s 7th most-watched show in Seoul to last night’s 4th most-watched.

In other words, as I mentioned after Episode 11 aired, with now-five more episodes of the crime thriller to go, there is a very good chance The Escape of the Seven‘s best ratings are still to come.

The next episode of The Escape of the Seven will air next Friday, November 3rd at 22:00 (KST) on SBS in South Korea, with both Viki and Kocowa streaming it for international viewers.

Let’s see how it performs, eh?


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