The Escape of the Seven, Ep 6 ratings SURGE almost back to all-time-high

Behind the scenes photo — courtesy SBS TV

After yesterday’s ratings fall for the K-drama The Escape of the Seven mostly due to Korean TV channels airing the 2023 Asian Games, I was interested to see if Episode 6 of the drama, which aired tonight, would also see collapsing ratings.

Thankfully, however, that did not happen.

Instead The Escape of the Seven, Episode 6 grabbed high ratings both nationwide and in Seoul as its audience share surged once again.

According to Nielsen Korea, The Escape of the Seven, Episode 6 earned 7.30 percent of the audience share in Seoul when it aired on SBS TV earlier on tonight.

That is a big increase after yesterday’s fall down to 5.60 percent in the ratings nationwide, and one that is back almost to the highest ever rating the revenge drama earned for Episode 4 (7.70 percent).

Episode 6 of the drama also experienced a similar surge in ratings in Seoul where, instead of the lower 5.50 percent earned for Episode 5, the Um Ki Joon-led drama grabbed 7.00 percent of the audience share again.

Both of these are extremely strong ratings.

They also seem to show the SBS drama has recovered well from its Asian Games-induced drop on Friday.

When does the seventh episode of The Escape of the Seven air/stream?

The next episode of The Escape of the Seven will air on Friday, October 6th, with Viki and Kocowa streaming the episode for international viewers.

Meanwhile, you can watch tonight’s sixth episode via Viki in many regions and Kocowa in the U.S., and join the cast and crew in how pleased they must be that their ratings fall yesterday did not last.

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