The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection Ep 10 hits all-time low against 3 popular dramas

Episode 10 of the revenge drama’s second season has too much competition

Unfortunately for ongoing Korean drama The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection, Episode 10 on Saturday night, it experienced another all-time low rating as it earned an even smaller audience share than its formerly lowest rated Episode 6.

A rating so low, it was the lowest the SBS drama has earned since its first season premiered back in September, 2023 to very solid ratings.

Of course, with the SBS drama currently airing in a Saturday evening time slot (22:00 KST) that includes the year’s most popular drama Queen of Tears, alongside MBN’s Missing Crown Prince and JTBC’s Hide, it is no wonder it is struggling to find any traction with that kind of heavy competition.

The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection, Ep 10 loses viewership nationwide and in Seoul

Saturday night’s ratings for The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection, Episode 10, however, were particularly bad, with the Korean drama earning only 2.1 percent of the audience share nationwide.

That was against Queen of Tears‘ enormous 21.05 percent, Hide’s 4.43 percent. and Missing Crown Prince‘s 2.79 percent.

Meanwhile, audiences in Seoul watched The Escape of the Seven in slightly higher numbers, as the Korean drama grabbed 2.5 percent of the audience share in that region.

But that was still its lowest viewership in Seoul in all 27 episodes currently aired (Season 1 + Season 2 so far).

The saving grace for the Korean revenge drama, however, is that the Queen of Tears‘ series finale airs later on tonight, with no other drama taking its place until May 11th.

Hide too ends on JTBC tonight, although the interesting-looking The Atypical Family premieres in the same time slot next weekend, and Missing Crown Prince will still be airing on MBN long after The Escape of the Seven ends.

Fingers crossed then that the absence of Queen of Tears might allow the long-running drama to earn back some of the audience it had in its first season.

Its next episode premieres on May 3rd, with Viki currently streaming both seasons of the drama for its international subscribers.

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