The Kidnapping Day Ep 11 grabs HIGHEST RATING AGAIN as audiences DYING to know how kidnap plot ends

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With The Kidnapping Day finale airing next week in South Korea, it isn’t a surprise that last night’s episode turned out to be its highest rated episode yet.

After all, the superb K-drama has seen ever increasing ratings since its first episode premiered on September 13th to a low 1.83 percent rating, then skyrocketed from there.

Now audiences are dying to see how the very well-written and acted ENA drama ends.

Even more so since episode delays caused the drama’s originally scheduled finale date to be postponed.

The Kidnapping Day, Episode 11 ratings rise again

Being pulled in by the fun plot is just one of the reasons why The Kidnapping Day, Episode 11 ratings out via Nielsen Korea  show yet another increase in audience share, with last night’s episode earning 4.262 percent of the audience nationwide.

Sure, that is only a miniscule increase from the drama’s previous episode’s ratings of 4.269 percent, but it still proves audiences are continuing to tune in, and also bodes well for next Wednesday’s series finale.

In Seoul, Episode 11 saw an even bigger increase in the drama’s ratings earning 4.52 percent, which is up from Episode 10’s 4.34 percent.

Those ratings also mean the drama is still in first place on cable TV in both regions, where it has now been for the last three episodes.

When and where The Kidnapping Day series finale will air?

With the episode delays caused by the Asian Games last month, some viewers are still a little confused as to when the ENA dram’s series finale will end.

The final episode of The Kidnapping Day will air on Wednesday, October 25th at 21:00 (KST), with Amazon Prime Video streaming the series finale for international audiences soon after.

The Kidnapping Day stars the excellent cast of Yoon Kye Sang, Park Sung Hoon, Yu Na, Kim Shin Rok, Kim Sang Ho, Seo Jae Hee, and Kang Young Seo.

The drama tells the story of a would-be kidnapping of a smart child going very badly wrong. Or has it?

All I can add to this is, if you have not yet begun watching The Kidnapping Day, do so now.

It has consistently been one of the best K-dramas of 2023 and, with only one episode left to air, I do not see that reality ending.


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