The Kidnapping Day Ep 7 gets HIGHEST RATING EVER with just 1 episode this week

Photo courtesy ENA

The latest episode of The Kidnapping Day soars to new heights on ENA

The K-drama The Kidnapping Day, Episode 7 finally aired on ENA in South Korea last night after the drama was absent on Wednesday night due to an important match in the Asian Games airing in its time slot instead.

But what an air date it was for the K-drama, as The Kidnapping Day, Episode 7 grabbed its highest ratings yet both with nationwide audiences and those in Seoul.

According to Nielsen Korea, the drama grabbed 3.95 percent of the audience for its latest episode, which was nicely up from its previous episode’s 3.19 percent.

In Seoul, The Kidnapping Day, Episode 7 earned an even higher rating of 4.03 percent, which was an increase from Episode 6’s rating of 3.54 percent.

Both ratings placed the drama in the #1 spot for the day on cable TV.

With The Kidnapping Day now in the second half of its planned 12 episode run, and with the plot becoming more and more gripping with every new episode, there is a good chance the K-drama’s ratings will continue to increase going forward.

Fingers crossed, as the ENA drama is one of the best offerings coming out of South Korea this season.

When will The Kidnapping Day, Episode 8 air?

With just one episode of The Kidnapping Day airing this week (sorry to disappoint you), the drama’s next episode (Episode 8) will air on Wednesday, October 11th at 21:00 (KST) on EN.

Amazon Prime Video will be carrying it around the same time for the show’s international audiences.

The final episode of The Kidnapping Day is due to air on October 25th and, with the Asian Games ending this weekend, there are not likely to be any more interruptions to its schedule.

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