The Killing Vote Ep 9 ratings continue slide DOWN as once-a-week schedule and delays reduce audience

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The Killing Vote‘s ratings damaged by Asian Games postponements and one-episode-a-week causing audience to go elsewhere

I said it right at the beginning and I will say it again, the Korean drama The Killing Vote ratings were sabotaged by SBS deciding to air the drama only one day a week instead of two.

Throw in two episodes of the crime drama were postponed for two weeks due to the Asian Games last month and, with just three episodes in its 12 episode run to air, The Killing Vote‘s ratings are now well on their way to collapsing.

According to Nielsen Korea, The Killing Vote, Episode 9 ratings last night were just 2.7 percent nationwide.

That is a slight drop from its previous episode’s already low 2.8 percent, not only giving the drama its lowest rating yet, but also showing its continued slide downwards.

That rating is also a quite significant drop from the SBS drama’s first episode, when it earned the highest rating of its run of 4.1 percent.

In Seoul, The Killing Vote, Episode 9 saw the same result with its rating falling from its previous episode’s 3.2 percent to last night’s 3.0 percent.

One than is slightly better than the nationwide audience share, but not by much.

Those ratings mean, in just nine episodes, the drama fell from 13th place on public TV for its first episode to 21st place for its ninth.

In Seoul, the drama fell from 11th place to 17th.

Ratings and rankings that must be extremely disappointing for the cast and crew who created what was once a promising crime drama before its schedule was destroyed, and audiences became confused as to when to watch it.

International viewers comments about The Killing Vote schedule

That confusion and frustration is also seen in the comments of international viewers watching The Killing Vote on various streaming services, with some of the latest comments on My Drama List ranging from:

Feels like I’ve been waiting years for this to finish airing.


Ngl (not gonna lie) I lost the ambition watching this with all the waiting, I’m gonna wait till the end to know if it’s worth it.

One person even commented on the perceived disappointment of The Killing Vote‘s cast and crew:

Yes, the actors..especially Park Hae Jin and the director have not posted anything since the decline in viewship in Korea. I almost can hear their disappointment.

All of which is a shame for the cast and crew, as The Killing Vote started out as a gripping and in some spots nail-biting, well-acted and well-written drama, only for audiences to lose their impetus to watch it after the drama’s schedule became so dragged out.

The next episode of The Killing Vote (aka 국민사형투표 in Korea) will air next Thursday, October 26th on SBS TV at 21:00 (KST), with Amazon Prime Video streaming it around the same time.

I am still watching it, and waiting with bated breath for the series finale, although I have to admit all the waiting is more than a little exasperating.

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