Why did The Killing Vote, Ep 8 not air tonight? When will the K-drama air and stream?

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The Killing Vote, Episode 8 is not currently available on Amazon Prime Video

**See updated info at the end of this post regarding air date of Episode 8 and beyond — You’ll find information about Episode 11 not airing on Leo Sigh here.

Fans of the ongoing K-drama The Killing Vote were probably surprised tonight when the latest episode of the SBS drama did not appear on Amazon Prime Video where it has been streaming for international viewers  since August 10th.

Especially as the Park Hae Jin-led drama only airs once a week, with viewers already having to wait longer for each new episode than they do with the twice-a-week dramas that are usually released.

Why did The Killing Vote, Episode 8 not air on SBS TV tonight then, and when can you expect to be able to watch it via Amazon Prime Video?

And, with the series now being one episode behind, when does that mean it will end?

Why did SBS TV not air The Killing Vote?

The latest episode of the 12-episode drama was not aired tonight due to it being both the beginning of the 3-day Chuseok holiday (harvest festival aka Korea’s Thanksgiving) in South Korea, and because it is Day 5 of the Asian Games.

With the Asian Games, which is an enormously popular event throughout Asia, being aired live on Korean TV, that means programming like The Killing Vote is being postponed.

With Live Your Own Life and My Lovely Boxer already having episodes postponed earlier in the week, it isn’t just The Killing Vote that lost airtime either.

As The Killing Vote only airs once a week, however, that means it will be next Thursday, October 5th at 21:00 (KST), before Episode 8 airs on SBS and the crime thriller is then available to watch via Amazon Prime.

It also likely means it will be November 2nd before the series finally ends, and not October 26th as originally scheduled.

With tonight’s episode now officially postponed, unfortunately, the only thing you can do to get your Killing Vote fix is rewatch some of the drama’s earlier episodes, or alternatively begin another drama to help fill in the time.

Update: SBS has released a new schedule now showing The Killing Vote, Episode 8 will not air until Thursday 12th October 2023. In other words, don’t expect a new episode of the crime drama next week either.

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